"You didn't come this far, just to come this far." - Matthew Reilly


Welcome to my world!

My name is Marie-Eve


I'm a Coach Mentor,
specialized in Mind-Body-Heart Movement
and creator of the Lifestyle Design.

I've always had a curious mind and a fascination with how life works.
No surprise that as a young adult I trained in biological sciences.

First, by obtaining a bachelor's degree in Ecology, Environment & Evolution.
Then, a master's degree in aquatic sciences with a specialization in habitat modeling.

Over the years, several life events have led me to explore and add various training in alternative and integrative medicine,
to deepen my understanding of empirical evidence
and to build bridges between science and contemplative traditions.

And that's when the real magic started to pour into my life.

From the heart of the mythical black forest in Germany
where I have been living since my departure from Canada,
I am first and foremost a scientist by training,
a lover of life
and a teacher at heart.
I lead with great devotion, love and support.

And I guide people to understand and deepen their own knowledge and experience,
in order for them to contemplate
and connect with the wisdom of
their mind, body and heart.

The people that are drawn to me already understand that by harmonizing the mind,
the body and the heart,
they access an unprecedented connection with their Being.

And that from there, they can shine
in their personal, professional and spiritual lives
as well as in the world at the height of their vision,
at the height of the changes they want to see and catalyze,
at the height of their life's full potential.

Are you ready to create everything that you wish for in your life?

Always with simplicity, lightness and fluidity.

Book a breakthrough call today and invite me into your world.

With all my love and support,

Marie-Eve Bédard

B.Sc. M.Sc. ND & Essentrics® Instructor L4

Coach Mentor
Mind-Body-Heart Movement
Lifestyle Design

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Experience the unique benefits of the Essentrics® program, a holistic approach to fitness and well-being. These gentle, full-body workouts improve flexibility, posture, and body awareness, helping you move with ease and vitality.

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Health & Wellness Coaching

Achieve your peak physical, emotional and mental well-being with my Health & Wellness Coaching. From nutrition guidance to stress empowerment (and everything in between!), I'll help you build a foundation for lasting vitality, happiness & longevity.

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Life Coaching

Unleash your true potential and navigate life's challenges with confidence. My Life Coaching sessions provide you with the tools and support to set and reach your goals, whether personal or professional.

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Lifestyle Design Mentoring

Craft a life that aligns with your values, passions, and purpose. My Lifestyle Design Mentoring services offer wisdom and guidance to help you create a meaningful, purpose-driven life. At the next level!

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